Hello, I'm Alli Pozeznik.  I am the owner of Austin Rug Co. I have partnered with several rug purveyors to curate a collection of vintage rugs I sell here in Austin, TX. One of the  women I work with has been buying and selling rugs for 20 years with her family, the other day she mentioned with confidence that, “the rug business is the best work in the world.”

Why rugs?

I set a goal for myself this year, to simply "act on inspired thoughts".  The notion that ideas have entered into YOUR mind for a reason is so powerful. We are all unique in so many ways, we all have different gifts and strengths we were born with. Why not trust in that? Why not let yourself feel excited about a new idea and then work towards making it a reality.  Austin Rug Co. was one of these inspired thoughts. Being creative has always been a passion for me. For many years, I didn't know how exactly that would come to fruition but deep down I trusted that was who I was and someday I would be able to express it more intentionally. Would I have guessed my first creative business would be vintage rugs? Probably not, but the creative energy that stems from these one`` of a kind rugs can inspire a whole room. I hope the Austin Rug Co. brand can help set the stage to welcome your closest of friends and family into your home. I imagine the vintage rugs I have here on this website have seen many friends along the way too. These vintage beauties are a bit worn, but the unique patterns and vibrant colors don't seem to age.

Enjoy! Alli