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Trend Alert, Boho Chic: Adding Rattan & Texture into Your Home

Trend Alert, Boho Chic: Adding Rattan & Texture into Your Home

What do you think led to the rise in popularity of the Bohemian-inspired aesthetic?

I think the rise in Bohemian inspired interiors reflect the fashion trends from the 1970s that are at the forefront of women’s style right now. Women in their 20s and 30s are embracing the relaxed boho esthetic- long floral maxie dresses, patterned dusters, flattering jumpsuits and natural leather bags. I think it was a natural progression to start incorporated some of the same style and elements from the 70s into the interiors of our homes. You can spy our tribute to the 70s through our newfound love for vibrant wall papers, brass accents, and even the popularity of avocado green.

Why do you think everyone is so obsessed with rattan right now?

People are gravitating towards rattan home goods to add natural textures into their homes. By accenting with wicker, cane and rattan furnishings it brings a relaxed and free-spirited feel to the home. I think the ease of layering in rattan furnishings, like wicker storage baskets and accents chairs, is due to the fact they are easily available, make great neutral colors and reasonably priced. The hunt for vintage rattan furniture is also an obsession of many Bohemian spirited consumers. The vintage peacock chair has made it’s way back into modern homes, just as unique macrame wall hangings are of great esthetic value.

What are some fresh ways you've seen rattan (and bohemian style) interpreted in design?

 The rattan and wicker lighting fixtures are a novel way to bring that boho glow. The slightly dimmed light produced by these pieces creates a relaxed atmosphere. Most recently I saw a great dessert tablescape set with graduated wooden cake stands and rattan side tables. The talented. Melody DeMaris, owner of Melody’s Joy, recently added this bohemian table top to her dessert table repertoire. 

Do you have tips on how one can incorporate the material within their space sans having to fully embrace a bohemian vibe?  

The best way to balance a modern bohemian vibe is be mindful of the amount of textiles and furnishings you are adding to your space. By paring back from a fully layered Bohemian style, your home can still feel warm but uncluttered. The home I recently bought in Austin was designed by Tim Brown Architecture and it’s been the perfect canvas for a modern boho interior. My home offers tall windows that offer lots of light, a two story open stairwell and a cohesive living space on the first floor. I’ve found adding a base of vintage rugs within your space instantly adds a bohemian flair and helps creates a tranquil vibe.

Another key element to adding a subtle boho feel to you home is to add elements of natural fibers. Consider adding a rattan side table, a pair of wicker planters and a jute rugs to layer under a vintage rug.

East side: Thinking big, designing small

East side: Thinking big, designing small